Music of Daniel Catán


Available on Albany Records 12.1.17

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The music


Encantamiento for flute and harp

Daniel Catán originally scored Encantamiento for two recorders played simultaneously by a single musician. This work, which encompasses five sections plus a coda, unmistakably evokes sonorities from his opera La Hija de Rappaccini...

Antonieta Songs

In the early 1990s, Catán completed these seven selections as part of what he hoped would become a large-scale, English-language musical about the life of Mexican literary and revolutionary figure Antonieta Rivas Mercado. Working with poet Francisco Segovia, he crafted a detailed synopsis of the drama...

Blue Angel

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mariposa de obsidiana

Catán composed Mariposa de Obsidiana (Obsidian Butterfly) in 1984, on a prose-poem by the renowned Mexican poet and diplomat, Octavio Paz (1914-1998). The text is a small chapter in his book Águila o Sol (Eagle or Sun)...



Florencia en el Amazonas (Florencia in the Amazon) is the most widely performed of Catán’s operas since its premiere in 1996 at Houston Grand Opera. It follows a group of travelers on a riverboat down the Amazon to the opera house in Manaus, Brazil...

Capitan Florencia


The 2017 Texas Music Festival Orchestra and Chorus