Texas Music Festival Chorus

Jeb Mueller, Chorus Preparation

The chorus for this recording was selected, organized and prepared by Jeb Mueller.  Dr. Mueller is Associate Director of Choral Studies at the University of Houston Moores School of Music where he conducts the University Men's Chorus, ManCorps and Concert Women's Chorus; prepares opera choruses; and teaches choral music education courses. In addition to his teaching duties, Mueller is an active clinician, adjudicator and conference presenter throughout the United States.  His choirs have been described as “stellar,” “inspired,” and singing with “mature line and a beautiful, vibrant tone.” Dr. Mueller holds degrees from the University of Miami, The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University. 




Alex Bruce

Frankie Espinoza

Dan Miner

Daniel Schaffer

Justin Shen

Eduardo Tercero

Gordon Trehern

Ricardo Valle

Jake Woodson


Fredy Bonilla

Gregory Brigham

Troy Burnett

Greg Goedecke

Anthony Larson

Nick Leach

Benjamin May

Gregory McDaniel

Saleel Menon


Catherine Genzer

Kaylie Kahlich

Audrey Lees

Caroline Lees

Britany Lovett

Lauren Miller

Christina Quinn

Erin Reeves

Priscilla Salisbury


Elizabeth Chrisman

Laura Coale

Clipper Hamrick

Emily Premont

Hannah Schroeder

Amy Solberg

Elizabeth Weinmann

Vanessa Winslow